Friday, October 18, 2019
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checkbox  Server / Client Operating Systems Maintenance
  Windows & Linux Operating System and Software Updates/Upgrades
  Complete Windows Workgroup & Domain planning, creation, and maintenance
checkbox Network Security, Uptime & Installation
  Complete, confidential physical and service diagramming.
  Preventative Anti-Viral / Spyware Installation, Monitoring, and Updates
  Public Facing Services (Web, EMail, FTP, VOIP) Installation, and Updates
  Compliance Testing
  Uptime Monitoring and Notifications
  Cabling troubleshooting, add-ons, or relocations
checkbox Computer Repair / Upgrade / Destruction Services
  IT infrastructure re-designs & relocations
  Complete hardware sourcing from all major hardware manufacturers
  Latest and most comprehensive diagnostic tools -only replace the needed parts
  Inexpensive used-part inventory
  3rd party software diagnosis and repair
  Complete Data Destruction (HIPAA / PCI / DoD Standards) from all Storage Mediums
  Responsible obselete equipment destruction & recycling (where available)
checkbox Telephony
  Telephony (POTS) or Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) troubleshooting, relocations, or upgrades
  Custom VOIP / PBX service and upgrades for existing installations
  Telephone (Category 3 or 5) cable installation or repair
checkbox New Parts & Services
  New Computers & Servers custom built to specification with highest quality components
  Whole systems available from most major Manufacturers
  Bulk pricing for new parts and services available
checkbox Custom Computer Software and Websites
  Windows Application & Database design, creation, and maintenance
  Custom VOIP applications for unique voice-related business processes
  Database (SQL, Access, MySQL, Foxpro,VistaDB, etc.) redesign, conversions, maintenance.
  Website design
  Web Application development